Dodos And Pickled Moles: Inside The Grant Museum (PICTURES)

Dodos And Pickled Moles: Inside London's Strangest Museum (PICTURES)

The Grant Museum is a little-known place of formaldehyde, animals, and famous jars full of moles. It also has a model of an elephant's heart, the inside of a chimp's head and the rarest skeleton in the world: that of the now-extinct Quagga.

Despite its age and history - the museum dates from 1828 and includes cabinets that date from the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace in 1851 - the Grant Museum remains one of London's best kept secrets, due to its connection with University College London and unusual opening hours.

Fancy a jar? The museum isn't one for the squeamish

Until now, when incredible images have been captured of the museum and some of its 67,000 specimens, including the Tasmanian Tiger and Dodo.

Granted (no pun intended), the museum may not be one for the squeamish; it is a zoological museum founded to teach about the animal kingdom from methods like dissection, and one of the earliest contributing collections was solely of animal brains. Fun!

Just one of the museum's scientific animal specimens

However, as these photos prove, the museum is a fascinating one which doesn't just remain a timewarp to the age of Victorian discovery, but is looking forward with use of iPads, Twitter interaction and by hosting regular discussions. You can learn more about by listening to this introduction from the museum.

HuffPost UK Towers is located just round the corner from The Grant, so we've been fans for a while - but what do you think? Check out the gallery below, and find out more by following @GrantMuseum or, even better, the account from the jar of moles itself @GlassJarOfMoles.


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