10/09/2012 14:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lying Teacher Claimed He Had Run Over And Killed A Girl To Get A Day Off School

Lying teacher Derek McGlone claimed he had run over and killed a girl to get day off school

A teacher told his school that he had run over and killed a girl in a car accident - to get a day off work.

Conniving Derek McGlone, 42, who was head of music at Calderhead High School in North Lanarkshire, told his bosses he had felt his car's wheel run over the girl's body.

He eventually admitting he had fabricated the entire story, and said he was 'embarrassed and sorry'. He said he could not give any 'reasonable explanation' for his actions.

Appearing before a hearing of the General Teaching Council Scotland, McGlone said he still wanted to teach.

The panel heard that McGlone had invented other stories in order to skip school, including being caught up in the Icelandic ash cloud, despite being at home in Glasgow.

He had also posted drunken messages on Facebook, calling his colleagues 'bitches'.

McGlone admitted three charges the GTCS brought against him, including making threatening and abusive comments towards former teaching colleagues.

The panel found his fitness to teach was impaired and he was given a 12 month reprimand against his name on the teaching register.

How shocking - silly excuses are one thing but to claim you have killed someone!