10/09/2012 12:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Son Films His Mum Sleepwalking - And Dancing - And Posts On YouTube!


When Nick Foti spotted his mum sleepwalking in their New Jersey home, he grabbed his video camera to capture her hilarious – if somewhat embarrassing – antics and shared them with the world!

His pyjama-clad mum was caught on camera – fast asleep – dancing around her kitchen, oblivious to Nick filming her.

When he asks her what she is doing, she performs a nifty series of dance steps on the kitchen floor before replying that it is a 'special code'.

She then goes on to explain "I was trying to open up the tomato cage. I was doing a special thing but the tomato cage wouldn't open. I tried many things but it wouldn't open and I'm p***ed off now."

Her son did give his poor old mum the right to reply after YouTube-sharing her nocturnal wanderings by filming a follow-up of her reaction to the film. The embarrassed mother said she must have been dreaming about cherry-picking or tomato harvesting at the time! Well, yes, obviously!

Do you sleepwalk? Or does anyone in your family?
How embarrassed would you be if your son did this?