11/09/2012 12:37 BST

Barry Norman 'Accused Of Sexism': 3 Presenters Who've Been Branded Sexist

Veteran presenter Barry Norman has been accused of sexism, The Telegraph reports.

The 79-year-old film critic was reportedly slammed for his description of Julia Roberts in the 1990 film Pretty Woman as "every man's dream hooker", which appeared in his column in the Radio Times.

One reader, Jackie Grant from Oxford, claimed Norman had made "four sexist remarks in just a few lines".

pretty woman

Richard Gere (as Edward Lewis) and Julia Roberts (as Vivian Ward) in Pretty Woman

However, Norman has responded, saying: "God almighty, what is the matter with these people?" according to the Daily Mail.

He is reported to have said: "I was merely describing in shorthand how these films depict women, not advancing my own views. If people don’t have the intelligence to see that, it is not my fault. I’m not old fashioned."

Norman is not the first presenter to be accused of sexism...

Hot-tempered TV chef Gordon Ramsay was forced to apologise for a sexist rant at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show that led to a very public spat with a journalist.

The Hell's Kitchen host compared Australian TV newscaster Tracy Grimshaw to a pig by flashing a doctored picture of a naked woman on all fours, with the features of a pig and multiple breasts.

Sports presenter Andy Gray was sensationally sacked by Sky for 'unacceptable and offensive behaviour' last year over disparaging off-air comments about assistant referee Sian Massey and West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady.

Gray and Richard Keys were heard discussing Massey's appointment for a football game, speaking when they believed their microphones were switched off. They agreed that female officials "don't know the offside rule".

Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson has repeatedly been rapped for sexist comments. And after Gray's sacking, Clarkson and his fellow Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond told of their fears other presenters could be sacked for voicing their opinions off-air.

Clarkson said: "If that's the new benchmark, the three of us would have been sacked probably 100 times for the things we've said. So would everyone."