11/09/2012 13:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Schoolgirl Sent Home Because Her Trousers Were 'Too Tight'

Schoolgirl sent home because her trousers were 'too tight' Archant

A furious mum has spoken out after her 13-year-old daughter was sent home from school because her trousers were deemed to be 'too tight'.

Julie Docherty's daughter Ciccone Francis was sent home from the Ipswich Academy on the first day back at school.

The school had already recently changed the uniform policy, imposing a rule that girls now have to wear black trousers and not skirts and tights, as was the uniform during the last school year.

Julie, 45, bought the new trousers after already buying her daughter new skirts before the uniform change. She will now have to pay out again as the school says Ciccone's straight cut black trousers are 'too tight' to wear to school.

"Ciccone was sent home for wearing trousers that were too tight but they were just straight cut black trousers which I bought from H&M. They were not leggings or jeggings," explains Julie.

"I have already spent a lot of money on her uniform as I got her new skirts but then they changed the uniform to trousers. The school told me they interfered with her education but they are just trousers. It is ridiculous.

"I have now been told I have got three weeks to buy some other trousers. It's a bit of a nightmare. Ciccone was not happy to be sent home."

Nancy Robinson, principal of Ipswich Academy defended the school's uniform change and their decision to send Ciccone home, saying: "Some of our students turned up in inappropriate uniform and were sent home before the school day started with a letter explaining why.

"Our uniform policy is very simple and clear. We are looking to make a statement at the beginning of term."

Have you had problems with uniform policies at your children's school?

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