12/09/2012 07:49 BST

Man Does Backflip Off Police Car, Gets Away With It (VIDEO)

Hmmm... we think we'll file this one under "Don't try this at home, kids".

This new clip from Russian YouTuber Yevgeniy Chirka shows a Parkour prankster using the roof of a police car as the lift-off point for a very impressive backflip.

And amazingly, the laid-back officer doesn't seem to bat an eyelid. Maybe this kind of thing happens all the time in Russia. Probably not, though, eh?

If only we spoke fluent Russian, we'd be able to understand what his mates with the video camera are saying. However, we imagine it's something along the lines of, "Bloody hell - he's not really going to do it, is he? Dave! David! Don't be a fool, man. Oh Christ - he's only gone and done it. Pretend we've never met him before."

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