Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Unveils Debut Music Video. Yes, REALLY.

TPT Turns Popstar. Yes, REALLY!

Don't be alerted, your eyes are not deceiving you. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson really is relaunching herself as a popstar.

Previously famed for scrabbling about in the streets on her raucous nights out, our favourite hot mess has decided she needs to get a proper job to pay the bills, so natch the obvious choice was as a singer.

Her first (horrendous) solo effort, is a ballad-y affair entitled 5 Seconds, which is ironic really as it took up approximately that amount of time to realise what a load of old rubbish it is.

The video looks like it cost about a fiver to make too. But it's all so bad, it's almost, sort of, kinda good, if that's the right word?

You may remember it's not Tara's first forray into the world of performing though, as she previously won Comic Relief Does Fame Academy in 2007, although we seem to remember it wasn't so much for her vocal abilities.

Anyway, watch the video and let us know what you think below.

*sings* this heart will self destruct in five seconds...


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