17/09/2012 07:42 BST | Updated 17/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Angry Apple Fans Respond To Samsung's 'It Doesn't Take A Genius' Ad

Samsung has responded to last week's launch of the iPhone 5 with a tongue-in-cheek promoting its own flagship phone.

Jabbing Apple fans with the tagline 'It doesn't take a genius', the ad points out a number of differences between the new iPhone and the Korean company's own Galaxy SIII.

It then goes on to list virtually every feature of its own device.

It notes that the SIII has a larger screen, more Ram and "a standard micro USB plug" versus "a totally different plug".

But Apple's fanbase has already responded to the ad, creating its own versions which pull exactly the same trick on Samsung.

One ad uses the tagline 'don't settle for cheap plastic', and references to its 700,000 available apps, its Airplay music and video streaming feature and iMessage.

Others take issue with several of Samsung's claims about screen quality and app selection.

Neither advert is particularly edifying, but they are both posted in full below.