17/09/2012 09:15 BST | Updated 17/09/2012 09:44 BST

Embarrassing Nightclub Pictures: A Shameful Gallery Of Excess

You had a bit too much to drink, got a little too friendly with the chap on the next podium and vomited on your own shoes.

Thankfully this all occurred in a dark, dingy nightclub and your dirty little secret is likely to stay that way.

Except it’s not. Yup, thanks to Embarrassing Nightclub Pictures your late night shame could be online in an instant.

nightclub picture

Who will be more embarrassed in the morning?

Whether you think these pictures are a sad indictment of society, a further symbol of "broken Britain" or just plain vile, there's something strangely compulsive about them.

Revellers spewing, kissing, sweating, gurning and revealing their tampon strings while doing the splits (yes really), they’re all here.

Are you?

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