17/09/2012 14:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Myleene Klass And Emma Bunton's Children Start School

Myleene Klass and Emma Bunton's children start school PA

If you were up and out early this morning sending your not-so-little one off to school for the first time, you're in good company.

Celebrity mums Myleene Klass and Emma Bunton are also among the first timers this September, with Myleene sending daughter, Ava and Emma sending son, Beau off to the classroom for the first time.

'Avas first day at school. She marched straight in, I'm sobbing in the car park! #umbilicalwhiplash,' tweeted Myleene.

Baby Spice Emma added: 'Beau's first day at school! He couldn't wait 2 get in, a quick kiss 4 mum, dad and Tate and off he went. #soproudofhim'

Luckily the proud mums have new arrivals at home to keep them occupied. Myleene recently welcomed Hero, now six months, while Emma is also mum to Tate, four months.

And they weren't the only celebs out doing the school run this morning. Amanda Holden, who is pregnant again, took to twitter to vent some spleen after getting caught in traffic, no doubt dropping her little daughter, Lexi off:

'Why do all London councils choose when everyone is going back to school and in peak time to repair bloody roads?!'

Did your child start school today? How did you find it?