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Pedal Power: Mum Takes Six Children To School On One Bicycle!

Pedal power: Mum takes six children to school on one bicycle! Caters

If you're itching to ditch the car and have a more active school run, here's some inspiration.

Mum of six Emily Finch, 34, from Portland, Oregon, takes her five children, plus a friend's child to school in a customised bike. She invented the super cycle so she can ferry her family around without a car.

She has her youngest three - Maya, two, Olivia, four, and Ben, five, and a family friend in a buggy on the front of her bike - a child seat on the back for Lucy, seven, and Mary, nine, brings up the rear.

Her oldest child, Nathan, 11, travels on his own bike following his mum and siblings.

Emily reckons that with her shopping - which she also carries on the bike - she is peddling around 40 stone on her four-wheel drive. He weekday workout to and from school has helped her to lose two stone!

The bike is based on a traditional Dutch 'cargo bike', which normally costs around £1,500. Emily decided to invest in a bike after looking online for alternatives to using the family's car.

"I started looking at my life, I was living in a giant house and had a nine-person car. I remember thinking, there's no reason I can't walk or bike around town," says Emily, who is married to her neurologist husband, Mitch

"It was at a time in my life when something had to change, when I saw that bike, I knew it. I said, 'This is it. This is going to change my life'.

"At first, it killed me, I thought I couldn't ride it. It was seriously exhausting. But I just kept biking. Not having a car has pushed us to do a lot more than I would ever do if I had a vehicle sitting there in the driveway. My kids have forgotten what it's like to even be in a car."

What do you make of Emily's bicycle made for seven?
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