17/09/2012 07:04 BST | Updated 17/09/2012 07:50 BST

Rupert Everett: 'I Can't Think Of Anything Worse Than Being Brought Up By Two Gay Dads'

Actor Rupert Everett has revealed he can think of nothing worse “than being brought up by two gay dads”.

The 53-year-old, who previously said same-sex couples who have children are “egocentric and vain” was recalling introducing his mother Sara to his boyfriend, despite her desire "I had a wife and kids".

He told The Sunday Times Magazine: “She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her.

Rupert Everett: Unlikely to become a father any time soon

“I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.

“Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion.”

The My Best Friend’s Wedding star, who came out 22 years ago, has in the past claimed homophobia in Hollywood has kept him from becoming a leading man.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2010, he said heterosexual actors are often cast as gays (citing Brokeback Mountain and Transamerica) but gay men are often denied the lead straight roles.

He said: “Honestly, I would not advise any actor necessarily, if he was really thinking of his career, to come out.

"The fact is that you could not be, and still cannot be, a 25-year-old homosexual trying to make it in the British film business or the American film business or even the Italian film business," he said.

"It just doesn't work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point.

Everett was quick to point out he was not speaking on behalf of the gay community, adding: “The only community I belong to is humanity and we’ve got too many children on the planet, so it’s good not to have more.”

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of campaign group Stonewall, told The Telegraph: “Rupert should get out a little bit more to see the facts for himself.

“There is absolutely no evidence that kids of gay parents suffer in the way they are being brought up or in how they develop.”

In 2009 Everett told The Daily Beast: "This surrogacy thing is crap. This whole idea of two gay guys filling a cocktail shaker with their sperm and impregnating some grim lesbian is just really weird."