17/09/2012 14:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tell Me A Good Birth Story!

Tell me a good birth story! Rex

Before I had a baby, what did I know about birth? Frantic notes taken in ante natal classes and a terrifying evening watching One Born Every Minute.

But then I met a new mum who'd had a 'good birth' – and suddenly I thought, okay, maybe I can do this.

Now a new website aims to bring together anxious mums-to-be and women who want to share their positive experience.

Active birth teacher and doula Natalie Meddings is behind, which she describes as something of a dating agency – nervous pregnant 30-something seeks mother-of-one for coffee (decaffeinated) and chat.

"This is not promising people on a wing and a prayer," she said. "It's about believing in your body.

Natalie, who is based in South London, said: "That belief comes a bit from books and NCT classes but in the old days it came from other women – your sister, your mother, your neighbour."


It's not unusual to get near your due date without really talking to someone about the sheer practicalities of having a baby.


Tales we do hear aren't always encouraging. There are plenty of horror stories in the news with tales of emergency Caesareans after agonising two-day labours making the headlines. But in fact only around 20VIRTUAL-Gallery-159479%