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The Mum Who Can't Remember Her Babies After Car Crash Wipes Seven Years Of Memories

 Mum Jenny Crow can't remember her kids after car crash memory loss WorldWideFeatures

This is the mum who can't remember giving birth to her two young sons - after her memory was wiped out by a car crash.

Seven years of Jenny Crow's memory has been erased after a crash in September 2009, just after she had picked her youngest son up from school.

She can no longer remember giving birth to her sons, Harrison, six, and Jackson, five - and can't recall ever being pregnant with her third child, who tragically she lost in the crash.

She has now made a recovery from her injuries and is back at home in South Wales, and is now rebuilding a new life with her two sons.

Her father, Ron Spencer, 63, a painter and decorator, said:

"Jenny is doing wonderfully well after everything that has happened.


She can't remember giving birth to the boys as seven years of her memory have been totally wiped out. But she loves them dearly and is now carrying on with her life with them. We are just grateful that she is still with us. We don't know if her memory will ever fully return, but she is just taking each day as it comes.


The smash happened as she picked up her two young sons from school.
They were strapped into their car seats in the back of her car when she collided head-on with a bus coming in the opposite direction.

Jenny Crow in hospital after car crash WorldWideFeatures

The boys were unhurt, but Jenny was rushed to Peterborough District Hospital with two smashed thigh bones and a broken hip. She had an operation to repair her broken legs, but she remained in a coma for nearly three weeks.

"She took the full impact of the crash. She was put on a ventilator and the doctors were really worried when she didn't come out of the coma after four days, as they expected her to," explains Ron.

"We kept talking to her, begging her to wake up. Eventually after nearly three weeks she opened her eyes and it was the most amazing moment. Her first words to me were 'I love you'".

Jenny Crow at her brother's wedding WorldWideFeatures

Jenny spent the next 18 months at a rehabilitation centre in Cambridge where she learnt to walk and talk again. She also had daily physiotherapy treatment to help her walk.

But even though she has made a recovery, she still can't remember the previous seven years of her life.

Tragically, she had been six months pregnant with her third child at the time of the crash, and can't remember being pregnant at all.

Jenny Crow with her sons WorldWideFeatures

She also can't remember the birth of her two sons, her brother's wedding and her son's first day at school.

"Her long term memory is still good. She can remember things she did as a child. But she can't remember the last few years before the crash," says Ron.


We have had to tell her what happened in those seven years to fill in the gaps for her. She didn't remember giving birth to the boys, but she knew who they were when she came out of her coma.It's been a big incentive for her, to get better to come home for them. Now that she is back home she is really thrilled. She loves going swimming with the boys.


"The crash has definitely changed Jenny's life. Before it happened she ran three children's nurseries and always had a project on the go. She was so busy and lived life to the full.

"Now she has to take things more slowly, but she is just thankful to be alive and back with her sons."

What a sad story.
Good luck with your recovery, Jenny.

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