17/09/2012 14:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Would You Let Your Eight-Year-Old Daughter Wear Liz Hurley's Leopard-Print Bikini?

Would you let your daughter wear Liz Hurley's leopard-print bikini? Star accused of sexualising children

Elizabeth Hurley
has been accused of sexualising young children with her range of swimwear – which features a leopard-print bikini being modelled by a girl with her hands on her hips.

To some, they are merely innocent fashion items playfully modelled by children enjoying dressing up.

But to others, the photographs are a damning example of society's pressure on children to grow up too quickly.

Claude Knight, director of the child protection charity Kidscape, said: "It is very disturbing to see some inappropriate items in this swimwear range.

"The pieces that are very adult and which contribute to the sexualisation of young girls – especially in the poses portrayed – do not take account of the child protection concerns that have been well-aired."

But a spokesman for Miss Hurley told the