18/09/2012 20:18 BST | Updated 18/09/2012 20:21 BST

Dapper Authors And Artists Who Knew A Thing Or Two About Fashion

As the dust settles on another London Fashion Week, we can't help feeling like we've been a little left out on HuffPost Culture. The past few weeks has seen no place for us by the side of the catwalks, no new trends to coo over or dissect and certainly no glamorous parties to attend. Books and art has little role to play in the exciting world of fashion.

But wait! We can appreciate the art of dressing well, because so many of our literary and artistic heroes didn't just turn out great sentences or paintings, but their wardrobes, as well.

So here we look to those well-dressed creative types who can sometimes get hidden behind their masterpieces. Thanks, guys, for providing endless highbrow fancy dress outfit options. And for ensuring we don't feel entirely left out when sartorial matters are the topic of the day.

Have we missed out your favourite well-dressed creative type? Let us know!