18/09/2012 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Council Asks 15-Month-Old Baby For His Opinion On Local Housing

Council ask 15-month-old baby to join housing debate SWNS

A toddler of just 15 months old was asked to attend a housing focus group by Northampton Borough Council.

Oakley Barrett received the letter asking him to share his opinions on local housing - and the sender emphasised that it was very important he attended and voiced his views!

His bemused grandfather Bob Barrett told the Metro that it was 'clearly a clerical error' but that the family were greatly amused at the thought of Oakley 'standing up to speak in front of the borough council to discuss issues of housing'.

"We couldn't believe it," Bob said.


We thought this has got to be a wind up. The baby can just about say 'mama' so I don't know what he'd have to say to the council meeting.


Officials from Northampton Borough Council got in touch with Oakley's mum, Sophie, 23, to apologise for sending out the letter, which read:

"You have been selected to attend a focus group as part of the consultation period we are running on proposed changes to housing allocation and tenancy strategy.

Council ask 15-month-old baby to join housing debate SWNS

"It is very important you attend and give your views on the proposals as they could significantly affect the future of the way social housing is allocated and managed."

Councillor Mary Markham, cabinet member for housing, said Oakley's name had been pulled off the system in error.

"This was a complex administrative process and unfortunately the system selected a child's name by mistake," she explained, "This invite should have gone to Oakley's parents. We are sorry for this mistake and have contacted the family to apologise."

How funny though! We almost wish Sophie had sent Oakley along to share his views!