19/09/2012 12:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Daughters Given Womb Transplants From Mothers In Pioneering Operations

Daughters given uterus transplants from mothers in medical first Alamy

Two women have been given their mums' wombs in the world's first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants.

The women now have hope of having children after receiving the wombs they grew in!

A team of more than 10 surgeons from Gothenburg University, who had trained for years, completed the pioneering procedure without complications.

The women, who are in their 30s, will now wait a year for the two wombs to settle before doctors attempt to implant embryos.

Both have already undergone IVF and the resultant embryos are being stored in the deep freeze. One of the daughters had her uterus removed many years ago due to surgery for cervical cancer, while the other was born without a uterus.

Should the pregnancies be successful the women will give birth to babies who are genetically their own, as the doctors took eggs from their functioning ovaries.

Michael Olausson, one of the surgeons, said: "We are not going to call it a complete success until this results in children."

One of the two recipients, identified only by the name Anna, said she realised some may criticise the operation on ethical grounds, but that for her it simply meant restoring a bodily function, of which she had been deprived by cancer.

"It feels huge to be able to experience this," she said in comments posted on the website of the Sahlgrenska hospital. She said there were still no guarantees she and her boyfriend would be able to conceive.

"We have received a wonderful opportunity, and if it works out it is a lovely bonus."

If the women go on to give birth it would be remarkable, according to Professor Simon Fishel, one of Britain's leading IVF specialists.

He said: "This is exciting for a group of women who require surrogate mothers to have children, due to womb defects or having no womb at all."

There are an estimated 15,000 women in Britain of childbearing age who were born without a womb or have had it removed as a result of illness.

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