21/09/2012 09:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Does Page 3 Hurt Your Daughter?

Does Page 3 hurt your daughter? Alamy

Does it matter that there are pictures of topless women in a British national newspaper? Do you think, as a parent, that it makes life tough for your daughter?

Actress and writer Lucy-Anne Holmes has started a petition against Page 3.

Addressing the Sun's editor Dominic Mohan, she says, "We are asking very nicely. Please, Dominic. No More Page 3. Stop showing topless pictures of young women in Britain's most widely read newspaper, stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects."

So far the petition has got nearly 25,000 signatures.

One dad, John Parkinson, says he signed the petition 'because I want my daughter growing up in a world that respects her for ALL she is, instead of treating her like meat.'

Gary Miller says, 'This is the 21st century. We don't need an easy route into pornography for our kids.'

This isn't the first time someone has tried to get naked breasts taken out of the Sun. MP Clare Short tried in 1986.

In January, at the Leveson Inquiry, Anna Van Heeswijk of the pressure group Object said it didn't make sense that a child could buy a paper with topless page 3 girls when images like these are banned from prime-time TV.

So the argument rages on.

Those in favour of Page 3 say:

· It's a bit of fun

· If you've got it, flaunt it

· If women don't like it, it's because they're jealous

· It's good old-fashioned British humour

· Men like women's tits

· It gives a chance for girls to become glamour models

· It's something for our hard-working lads to enjoy

· No one's forcing the girls to take their kit off

Those against Page 3 say:

· We're not in the 1970s any more

· The fact that women have breasts isn't news

· It says that nice, smiley and naked is what a girl should be

· It says it's fine for men to stare at a very young girl's knockers

· Just because some pretty girls choose to take their kit off for money doesn't mean that a family newspaper should be printing the pictures

· Girls have to see their dads, brothers, uncles and granddads ogling nipples over their morning cup of tea

· It makes it easier for men to shout, 'Show us your tits!' to teenagers walking down the street

· It humiliates women

The Sun sells 2.5 million copies and has the largest circulation of any UK newspaper.

So far editor Dominic Mohan hasn't responded to the petition. Maybe he's waiting to see how many more people sign up.

What do you think? Does Page 3 objectify our daughters?