21/09/2012 09:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jailed: Mother Who Photographed Baby In Toilet, In Rubbish Bin, With Plastic Bag On His Head

Jailed: Mother who photographed baby in toilet, in rubbish bin, with plastic bag on his head - then sent them to father Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

A woman bent on revenge against her cheating boyfriend took photographs of their five-week-old baby being dunked in a toilet and with a plastic bag over his head - then sent them to the father.

The disturbing images included the tiny infant squished between her bed's mattress and box spring, in the toilet and in the garbage can.

Brittany Lester, 21, also threatened to 'squeeze' the baby 'until he's gasping for air' and feed him urine in his baby bottle, according to the text messages she sent.

Her motivation was to hurt her ex-boyfriend after she found messages from another woman in his phone, authorities in Florida said.

The baby was not injured but the mother's threats made them worry about his safety and wellbeing.

The 13 photographs were taken in a St Petersburg hotel room where Lester, who was working as a topless waitress, was staying with the infant and her other child, a two-year-old, in August 2011.

Among the other pictures she sent to the 22-year-old father was one of her holding a plastic bag over the child's head.

In another, Lester appeared to be dunking the child in the toilet. Each text was accompanied by a promise to torture the man's son.

"I ain't want ya baby from start," she wrote to the father in a text message.

The father called police, who arrested Lester in her hotel room. Lester has now been jailed for one year.

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