John Travolta 'Nearly Retired After Son's Death', Reflects On 'Celebrity Prison'

John Travolta has revealed that he nearly gave up his career, following the death of his son Jett three years ago.

John Travolta returns to the big screen in Savages

"I lost my son a few years ago, and I’ve been having quite a time of that," he told the BBC. "I’d even thought about retiring at one point, because it was too much.

"After three years of a lot of support from my church, my fans and family, I thought it was ok to go back to work."

Travolta, a well-known Scientologist, was persuaded to return to the screen by director Oliver Stone, whose film Savages is in cinemas this week.

In the drama about a drug cartel, Travolta plays a "despicable" DEA agent who takes from both sides.

Travolta told the BBC: "This was the right size of role, and a top-end director. I thought, if I’m going to go back to work, this was the right film to go back to, it’s a high end, five-star film.

The Pulp Fiction star also reflected on the changing nature of fame, calling it "celebrity prison" - being restricted to hotel rooms and resorts - "but you don't really get out a lot".

He said, "It’s the worst time to be famous in the history of fame.

"I’m a person who likes to rub elbows with people all around the world, I don’t like being restricted from socialising, but it does get harder."

Savages is in UK cinemas today. Pictures below of the stars on the red carpet...