21/09/2012 14:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

M &Amp; S Choose Four-Year-Old Boy With Down's Syndrome To Model For Christmas Campaign

Marks and Spencer choose Down's syndrome model for Christmas campaign SWNS

A four year old boy with Down's Syndrome is to model for Marks and Spencer in their in-store Christmas catalogue.

​Seb White from Bath has already strutted his stuff as a kids' clothing model for JoJo Maman Bébé, and his latest contract comes after his mum Caroline personally contacted retailers asking them if he could work for them.

Speaking to the BBC, Caroline, 39, said she was left feeling isolated and different after being bombarded with adverts featuring 'perfect' kids after Seb was born, and it was when shopping for his school uniform she really realised that 'different' children were not represented in advertising campaigns.

Marks and Spencer choose Down's syndrome model for Christmas campaign SWNS

"When we were shopping for Seb's school uniform it occurred to me again, that all the 'different' children out there that are starting school are just not represented," she said, "The response on Facebook was phenomenal. Within hours there were hundreds of likes and really supportive comments.

Caroline then began contacting stores on Seb's behalf, and was delighted when Marks and Spencer got back to her.

"Sainsbury's sent a curt message saying that they were not hiring any models and then M&S sent me a personal message asking me to contact them," she told This is Bath.

"I didn't dare get my hopes up but when I made the call I couldn't believe it. They thought the idea was great and within the week had invited Seb to a photo-shoot at a photography studio in London to be in the M&S In Store Christmas magazine."

We can't wait to see Seb in the catalogue!

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