24/09/2012 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Humberside ASBO For 13-Year-Old Who Terrorised His Town For Four Years

ASBO for 13-year-old who terrorised his town for four years Alamy Picture posed by model

A boy of 13 has been issued with a two-year antisocial behaviour order after terrorising locals in his home town of Bridlington since he was just nine years old.

Jordan Kemp Withey's reign of terror started four years ago when he carried out acts of theft, criminal damage, trespass and harassment on the Havenfield estate in Humberside.

A previous ASBO curtailed his criminal activities, and police say they hope the new order slapped on him - which puts restrictions on his presence and activities in the whole of the Humberside police area - will keep him on the straight and narrow.

PC Jason Scotter of Bridlington Neighbourhood Team told This is Hull and Riding that the aim of the ABSO was to 'reduce' Jordan's behaviour.

"Jordan's behaviour is a concern," he said, "And we ask any member of the public who sees Jordan misbehaving or breaching any of his ASBO conditions to report it immediately."

"He's been locked up several times for multiple offences," PC Scotter added, "But while he was on a previous ASBO he had a period where he stopped offending."

He hopes the geographical scope of the new order will keep Jordan in check even if his family move.

"In the past we've had an ASBO on someone in Bridlington and then they have moved to Driffield or Hull," he said, "Jordan and his family live in a council property and there has been a chance of them being evicted because of his actions. They could move somewhere else."

Police had originally requested magistrates issue Jordan with a five year ASBO. The teenage terror is now specifically forbidden from causing harassment and being threatening or abusive. He is also banned from throwing any objects at people or property. The order takes immediate effect and runs until September 2014.

If he is found in breach of it he could face a fine of £2,000 fine or up to two years in prison.

East Riding Councillor Jackie Cracknell told reporters of Jordan's back-catalogue of crime. "We came into contact with him at the age of nine and he's been a prolific offender since then," she said, "That may be why the magistrates have banned him from causing problems anywhere in the force area.

"Offending like this has such a serious impact on people living in the communities or nearby.

"When someone is a victim of antisocial behaviour, it reduces how safe they feel, especially if it continues."

Do you feel his parents could do with the ASBO, as well as him?