24/09/2012 14:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven-Year-Old's Birthday Pool Party Clashed With Naked Men's Swimming Group

Seven-year-old's birthday pool party clashed with naked men's swimming group Alamy

A group of mums were left outraged when a naked swimming session at a public swimming baths was held in view of a seven-year-old's birthday party.

The children had completed their swimming party at the Radcliffe Pool and Fitness Centre and were in the cafe overlooking the pool enjoying some food when the mums spotted the naked bathers.

Bosses at the leisure centre had stuck bin bags and paper over the cafe windows to shield other users from the view of the 20 naked men, but the Manchester Evening News reports that horrified parents had to 'stand guard at cracks between the bin bags and at the doors of a balcony to make sure the children didn't see them'.

Seven-year-old's pool party at public baths ruined by 20 naked male swimmers Google

Council chiefs admit they had 'overlooked' the booking clash when the birthday party was arranged for the same time as the first ever session for the men's naturist group.

The mother of the seven-year-old boy who was celebrating his birthday said she was left 'fuming' after paying £54 to hire the pool and £12 to hire the canteen.

"It was just wrong and should never have happened," she said.

"The management should have told me that it was going on and I would not have booked the party.

"A man at reception said that he had to let me know that there was a naturist party going on and it overlaps with our party.


I did not believe him at first. Would you really book that at the same time as a seven-year-old's party? If we had not been vigilant the children would have seen everything and that would have been a disaster.


The mother of another child told the Manchester Evening news that she and other parents could just 'not believe it was going on at the same time'.

"There were around 20 men. You could see into the main pool and it certainly should never have been on at the same time."

Bury council said it has not yet received an official complaint from the parents and the
naturist swim was 'a private booking from 6.30-8pm, at a time when it was assumed that no one else would be in the building'.

The spokesperson added that they had 'on this occasion overlooked the fact that the children, who were booked into the pool from 5pm-6pm, would then go into the canteen space on the first floor for their party'.

They said that if further bookings were taken from the naturists 'they will be at a time when no other groups will be using the pool area'.

HOW embarrassing!

What would you have done if this had happened at your child's birthday party? Or do you think we should all just lighten up and have a giggle about it?