Photographer Dimitry Dubikovskiy Captures 'UFO Clouds'

UFOs Spotted In Chile?!

At first glance you could be forgiven for mistaking these images as an imminent alien invasion but the mysterious 'UFOs' floating in the sky are in fact clouds.

The rare cloud formations are known as lenticular clouds are often mistaken for UFO's due to their perfect flying-saucer shape and orange glow.

The clouds form in high altitude areas often baffling onlookers and sparking fears of alien attack.

But despite their sinister appearance, the peculiar cloud formations are a natural weather phenomena created when moist air flows over a mountain or range of mountains.

If the temperature in the air drops, the moisture condenses forming a spiral-shaped lenticular cloud.

This astonishing set of images taken by Russian photographer Dimitry Dubikovskiy shows a collection of lenticular clouds floating in the sky above Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile.

Amateur photographer Dimitry, 47 spotted the phenomena while travelling with his friends in Chile.

He said: "It was a really stunning view. Lenticular clouds always look unusual and against the light of a sunset they look even more magnificent.

"Whenever I go out for dinner with my friends, they all want to see the pictures and talk about how unique they are.

"I've only seen this sort of phenomenon a few times in my life but each time I see it I think it's amazing.

"The feeling when I saw the clouds in Chile was similar to euphoria.

"Despite having to be out in the freezing and gusty wind conditions for a few hours to capture these pictures, it was completely worth it when I saw the finished work."

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