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Imogen Thomas Says She Hates Her Pregnant Body - As She Poses In Bra And Knickers

I hate my pregnant body says Imogen Thomas - as she poses in bra and knickers Now magazine

Weight gain, stretch marks, swollen breasts and cellulite - all things a pregnant woman can expect their body to go through during pregnancy. Even so, these changes seem to have come as something as a shock to five months pregnant Imogen Thomas, who tells this week's Now magazine that she feels she's 'lost control' of her body, and that she hates the weight she is putting on.

To illustrate her point, Imogen poses in her bra and knickers for magazine, while bemoaning her baby-on-board state.

"I'm putting on weight on my sides and I've got bingo wings," she says, "It's depressing."

And if that wasn't enough, poor Imo is totally fed up with her huge bosoms, too.

"I hate how big they are. I'm now an F. If they stay this massive, I'll get them reduced," she says, as the picture accompanying her words shows her breasts spilling out of a balconette style white bra. (We'd recommend a trip to Mothercare for a fitting for a wire-free cotton one, love - much more comfy)

"They've drooped enough as it is already. I bought two new bras recently and I walked out crying," the glamour model laments.

I hate my pregnant body says Imogen Thomas - as she poses in bra and knickers Now magazine

Imogen concedes though (thank goodness) that she loves her growing tum, and adores her burgeoning baby bump.

"I always said if I got pregnant I'd love a big belly, so I'd say that," she reveals when asked what she DOES like about being pregnant.

The mum-to-be -who is due to give birth early in 2013 - says she is desperate to be a 'yummy mummy' and will be on a mission to get back into shape as soon as her baby is born.

"I want my size 10 body back within four weeks. As soon as the baby's born, I'll be on a diet and working out like mad every single day as much as I can. I want to be a yummy mummy," she tells the mag.

Hmmm. We're not quite sure how those workout plans will fit in with a demanding newborn baby, but best of luck Imogen!

Read the full interview in Now magazine, out now.

Would you have had the confidence to pose in your undies at five months' pregnant (and if you said you hated your body)?

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