Shocking Phone Habits: One Third Of Men Would Answer Phone During Sex

One Third Of Men Would Answer Phone During Sex

Many of us are constantly stuck to our phones whether we're texting, Tweeting, checking emails or playing Angry Birds.

But in a recent survey, HuffPost UK Lifestyle were shocked to learn of the true phone habits of the British public.

A survey carried out by Vodafone, which polled 2,000 people, revealed that over a third of men would answer the phone during sex. Yes, you heard us right. During. Sex.

A further 62% revealed that they would answer the phone on a date or the toilet.

During a wedding, at the dinner table and on a date are also times when people will take a call rather than wait and call back later, according to the majority of those questioned.

A survey carried out by Vodafone revealed the full extent of the roles mobile phones play in modern life.

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More than a quarter of people said they had been given a job offer, nearly 15% said they had been told about the birth of a child and, in London, the number of people who have been proposed to over the phone was more than 4%.