25/09/2012 11:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Robbie Williams Reveals His Back-To-Work Plans - Baby Teddy Will Go With Him

Robbie Williams reveals his back-to-work plans - baby Teddy will go with him! PA Robbie Williams and wife Ayda

Ah, the luxury of being an international superstar. Or at very least, Robbie Williams. While most parents of newborns are biting their nails down to the quick with worry over returning to work and childcare issues, the Robster has revealed his own back-to-the-grind plans once his paternity leave is over.

He will take baby Teddy to work with him.

"It'll be easy to tour with the baby," he says, "We travel privately. There'll be Mummy, Nanny, baby and me."

How the other half live, eh? And with all the other Take That babies and kids, that's tour bus is going to be like a mobile creche!

The Sun also reports that big-kid-at-heart Robbie has installed the giant robot, Om, from the Take That Progress tour in his back garden at his home in Stoke - and he clashed with band-mate (and dad of three) Mark Owen over who would have it!

"Om's in England, in the garden," Robbie tells the paper, "but Mark wanted it. I think Mark wanted to give it to the city of Manchester but I thought 'It's not going to Manchester, it'll go to Stoke'. I had to beg Mark to let me have Om. It's great having him there."

That's going to be one amazing climbing frame for little Teddy to play on...