26/09/2012 07:30 BST

Mila Kunis 'Saves' Robin Williams On The Set Of 'The Angriest Man In Brooklyn' (PICTURES)

Mila Kunis comes to the rescue in her latest film The Angriest Man In Brooklyn, when she saves Robin Williams's character from drowning.

Williams plays Henry Altmann, an ageing lawyer who, on the day before Thanksgiving, finds out he has a rare and progressive form of cancer that leaves him with just an hour and half to live.

Kunis can be seen pulling Williams out of the water near Brooklyn bridge in the shots below, and behind-the-scenes snaps also show the actress getting her hair wet with a bucket of water rather than dipping it into the East River.

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn is an adaption of the Israeli film Mar Baum by writer-director Assi Dayan, in which Mr. Baum clears up some last minute business - calls are made to family members and time is spent doing routine jobs like picking up his daughter from school, getting stuck in heavy traffic, and stopping by the convenience store. All of this in the last 92 minutes of his life.

The American version will co-star Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) and Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter).

Mila Kunis and Robin Williams