27/09/2012 12:29 BST | Updated 27/09/2012 12:31 BST

Concerned Police Officer Reports 'Suspicious' Moon Sighting

Messed up at work today? No matter how much of a berk you end up looking in front of your colleagues, you can always console yourself with the thought that at least you're not the police officer who called for back-up after spotting the moon.

The unnamed PC was on the night shift in Clent Hills, Worcestershire, at the end of August when he called his sergeant to report a "suspicious light source".

According to the Dogberry column in this month's Police magazine, he'd mistaken the bright light of a full moon for a car's headlights close to a notorious dogging hotspot.

After further investigations lasting 20 minutes, however, he discovered his mistake - and was obliged to call back and report his findings.

Apparently, the young officer was reluctant to turn up for duty the following day in case anyone teased him. As if! Besides, everyone was too busy investigating a report of huge fluffy sheep running amok across the sky.

Oh, and it turns out there are plenty more dumb people out there - and many of them are on the wrong side of the law...