27/09/2012 09:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Sends Girls Home For Wearing Tight Trousers...After Already Banning Skirts!

School sends girls home for wearing tight trousers...after already banning skirts! SWNS

How's this for a school uniform pickle?

After being told they can no longer wear skirts to school, pupils at Moulton School in Northampton are now being sent home for wearing the wrong sort of trousers.

At the start of the new school year, parents were told pupils were no longer allowed to wear skirts to school, as the new uniform only allowed tailored trousers.

A number of schoolgirls have already fallen foul of the new rule, by wearing skinny trousers, and not tailored-fit trousers.

Several schoolgirls were taught in isolation until their parents could pick them up after flouting the 'rule'.

Zelda Allen's daughter Tammi, 13, was placed in isolation for the day for wearing skinny trousers. She said the school was being extremely 'strict':

"It is like Colditz. It is an extremely strict punishment for not wearing the right trousers. I think the school is taking it too far. The girls are going to rebel if they keep doing this. They are much happier at school if they are more comfortable with what they are wearing."

Fellow parent, Rebecca Barford, said sending her 14-year-old daughter into isolation for her skinny trousers was a 'ridiculous punishment':

"Isolation means that my daughter misses her bus home as isolation ends after the usual end time of school. As I cannot collect my daughter this is a great concern for me.

"I feel it is not safe for her to make her own way home and I also think that this is a ridiculous punishment for simply not having trousers that make her feel very self conscious and unhappy just because the headteacher of the school wishes girls to dress like boys."

Headteacher Trevor Jones commented on the uniform policy, saying: "When an issue becomes prolonged; either because the student deliberately wears incorrect uniform, despite possessing the correct uniform; or because the student, with the parent's agreement and despite previous attempts to resolve the issue, refuses to purchase and wear the correct uniform, then we will contact the parent and ask them to collect their child and return them correctly dressed."

What do you think of the school's policy?

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