30/09/2012 19:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

World Book Day 2011

world book day Tomorrow is World Book Day, so remember to rummage in school bags for the £1 tokens being given to all schoolchildren.

The tokens can be exchanged for one of five books (each with two stories inside). The tokens can also be redeemed against any book costing more than £2.99.

Check out to see actors and authors reading favourite stories (which might rather defeat the point of a good book, but hey I'm a luddite and it's still a fun site).

On the same day The Guardian is launching a new book website for children with three reading zones on the site aimed at different age groups: seven and under, eight to 12, and 13 plus, and the content will be chosen and inspired by children reading and contributing. The site is intended to encourage child-to-child sharing with older children discussing their favourite books and authors with the younger ones.

Guardian Books Editor, Claire Armitstead said: "When you think of the resource that older friends or siblings represent, it seems astonishing that child-to-child reading gets so little attention. A sibling or a friend stand outside the circle of school, parent and child: you obey a parent, but you look up to an older sibling and you share enthusiasms with friends. In a culture with many different models of what family means, the resource of other children becomes even more valuable. It's with this in mind that the Guardian is launching a children-only website."

So could parents help one child to read and hope the learning trickles down to younger siblings with much less effort? Loving this.

Do your children enjoy reading?
Any helpful tips to share?