10 Greatest Things On Amazon (PHOTOS)

Today's hat-tip goes to travel journalist, tweeter and all-round brilliant chap David Whitley.

For Mr Whitley has done what most of us don't have the time - or indeed, inclination - to do, and searched the very bowels of Amazon to find... the diamonds lurking therein. And he's compiled them in a list of The Greatest Things On Amazon.

From Martin Clunes clocks to Joe Pasquale iPad covers - via postcards of Jamie Theakston and a John Barrowman cushion - take a look at Whitley's finds (and comments) in our gallery below. It is, as he says, "just the tip of the iceberg". One doesn't dare to think what lies beneath the surface... although we have a good idea that it may include this Susan Tully mousemat. *shudders*