02/10/2012 21:57 BST | Updated 02/12/2012 10:12 GMT

TV REVIEW: The Paradise - Are You Being Perved?

The Paradise drew a satisfying audience of more than five million to its debut episode last week, and it didn't drop any balls in this second episode, making up in plot for what it lacked in nuanced dialogue.

"This isn't a shop, it's a kind of heaven," exclaimed enthralled customer Jocelin Brookmire, who proceeded to succumb to the charms of the lace, the gloves, the flowers, all the hats in the shop, and even the attentions of draper Sam who prided himself on "cheering everyone up".

the paradise

Whoops - Jocelin and Sam got a little too close over the lace and the gloves

She got a bit too cheered up, and, the next thing we knew, the dastardly draper was facing accusations of not serving but perving the troubled shopaholic, who dropped him in it big-time for his troubles.

"She's a lady, she can't tell the truth," was the advice of our simple but sassy country girl Denise, which left the store's owner Mr Moray forced to choose between keeping his rich fiancée happy, and protecting one of his workers. Sound familiar?

the paradise

Jocelin Brookmire was a desperate woman in need of shopping therapy

I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for the rich, annoying fiancée - touchingly bewildered that her cash isn't enough to distract Mr Moray from his drapes, or his sketchings of the wide-eyed girl in Ladieswear.

Meanwhile, that same girl had another bright idea this week - the promotion of Miss Paradise Pink, a garland, a dress - even a photograph hung in the store! - for the prettiest lady to purchase something in the place. "How clever you are" exclaimed Mr Moray. "How terrifying," Sarah Lancashire's face said, as these two continue to battle it out for camp honours.

the paradise

That country girl Denise will keep having these bright ideas...

It's virtually a pantomime when they're both in shot, with Mr Moray mooning silently over his lovely shopgirl, and Miss Audrey worrying all the while that these bright ideas are bound to bring disrepute to the name of Ladieswear.

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