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Toddler Fell To Death From Moving Car After Opening Door. Family Calls For Locks To Be Made Compulsory

Toddler fell to death from moving car after opening door. Family calls for locks to be made compulsory

A family has launched a campaign to make car locks compulsory after their toddler fell to his death from a moving car.

Two-year-old Levi Brailsford unbuckled his safety seat and opened the car door, an inquest heard. He was travelling home in his grandmother's 4X4 when he somehow managed to undo his three-point safety belt and crawled across the back seat.

The youngster then opened the passenger door which wasn't child-locked and fell on to the road.

His grandmother, Kathleen Medway, heard the door open as she headed towards a roundabout but did not realise Levi had fallen out until she pulled over.

Levi died from head injuries. Grandmother-of-10 Mrs Medway told Avon Coroner's Court: "As I was driving down towards the roundabout I heard the door go.

"I didn't shout or anything I thought that if I did shout it would make him jump so I just kept going round very, very slowly and bumped up on to the pavement thinking I would be OK.

"But as I pulled on to the pavement in my mirror I saw the door fall open. I didn't think anything of it, just that the door had opened in the manoeuvre.

"I got out and pushed it slightly closed and then suddenly saw him on the floor. Then I screamed."

Witness Sean Whittle, a passenger in the car, described how Mrs Medway screamed: "What have I done? Oh my God I killed our Levi".

In a written statement Levi's devastated mum, Andrea, described the two-year-old as a 'very active, troublesome but loveable' child.

She also said he was a quick learner and she had seen him undo his child safety belt before. The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Levi's family have started a campaign to make child locks on all doors compulsory when carrying children.

All parents and extended family reading this, please check that all safety locks on your cars are turned on, however short your journey.

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