Birmingham Graveyards Calendar Is Surprise Hit (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Birmingham Graveyards Calendar Is Surprise Hit

Tired of looking at cute animals, National Trust properties or scantily-clad women on your common-or-garden wall calendar? Why not invest in the brand new Graveyards of Birmingham calendar instead?

The Halloween special - which starts off with October 2012 and goes right through to September 2013 - is packed with glorious photographs of Midlands-based graveyards. What more do you need to set you up for the day, eh?

The calendar's creator, Kevin Beresford, has been inundated with orders since it went on sale, reports the Daily Mail. So don't delay - snap yours up today.

Still not sure it's the calendar for you? Take a look at our slideshow of month-by-month cemetery scenes. If that doesn't persuade you, nothing will!


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