'Parker' Trailer: Jason Statham Strips Down With Jennifer Lopez In Crime Thriller

WATCH: Jason Statham And J.Lo's Saucy Shower Scene

"Take your clothes off, I need to know if you wear a wire," Jason Statham orders Jennifer Lopez in his latest crime/action thriller, Parker.

Set in New York, Statham plays a thief who never steals from people that can't afford it. He's virtually unrecognisable in one robbery costume, which sees him dressed as a priest (complete with white-haired wig and glasses), as he commits a crime with a crew dressed as clowns.

He also explains he doesn't "hurt people that don’t deserve it,” before beating the hell out of his enemies.

Nick Nolte and Michael Chiklis also star in the film, which is due out on 25 January.

Parker stills


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