04/10/2012 08:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Robbie Williams Seeks Live-In Nanny For Baby Teddy - So He Can Get His Sleep

Robbie Williams is on the lookout for a nanny - would you dare to apply?

Robbie Williams is reported to be on the hunt for a live-in nanny for his newborn daughter Teddy so he and wife Ayda can get their beauty sleep and make more babies.

In an interview in The Sunday Times Style section Robbie said he fears the sleepless nights and constant nappy changing demands of a new baby could have a detrimental effect on his relationship with his partner.

The Take That star said "am I getting help? F*** yeah. I'm getting hot and cold running help. The number of couples who have kids and argue as they haven't slept - I want the house to be happy, because we'll be happy and the baby will be happy and we can do it again. I really want to dig this."

The pair are also said to be planning to raise Teddy in the UK because of Robbie fears that LA schools are full of ' f***ing idiots'. He says he wants his little girl to have 'English sensibilities'.

Hmmm. So, next time you are flicking through the domestic situations vacant in The Lady (as you do!), keep a look out for any adverts reading along the lines of 'heavily-tattooed boy band star with sailor-style language skills seeks live-in nanny to care for newborn and help keep the flames of passion burning between him and his wife. Must not be an LA idiot. English sensibilities preferred... Stoke and USA.'