05/10/2012 11:52 BST

Happy James Bond Day From Alan Partridge (VIDEO)

We'd now like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers out there a very happy and prosperous James Bond Day.

Haven't got a clue what we're on about? Allow us to explain. It's 50 years since the first 007 movie, Dr No, was released in cinemas. And there's another Bond film out very soon - so some clever marketing types have come up with a day of global celebrations.

Our own contribution? Well, we thought it was high time we revisited this old clip of Alan Partridge narrating the opening scenes of The Spy Who Loved Me. You remember? "Oooh - bit of nipple there!"

And if you'd like to take some time out from all your Bond-related activities today - all that parachuting and energetic sex does get a bit wearing, after all - do take a look at some other classic Partridge clips in our slideshow below...