08/10/2012 16:44 BST | Updated 02/10/2014 11:59 BST

The Worst Rhymes In Pop Lyrics (SLIDESHOW, PLAYLIST)

Now, don't get us wrong. Skyfall - the theme song to the new Bond film Skyfall - isn't half bad. It's no Diamonds Are Forever, granted. But, centered as it is around the main Bond theme chord progression, and sung, as it is, by Adele, it does have a certain Barry-esque, Bassey-esque, majesty.

But it also contains one of the worst rhymes we've heard in a long time. Namely, the rhyming of 'skyfall' with 'crumble' - or even worse, 'crumbles' . Leaving aside the 's' (which Adele conveniently does in the backing vocal track), the 'fall'/'ble' vowel rhyme is surely one which only Adele, or possibly Chas from Chas And Dave, could pull off. Of course, once you know that the song was written by Adele herself (with producer Paul Epworth), that does sort of make sense. Although we'd love to think of her being commissioned to write the new Bond theme, coming up with the 'skyfall' and 'crumble' rhyme and then handing the song over to Matt Bellamy for him to try and sing it convincingly. While all along sitting there cackling, surrounded by bank notes and stroking a white cat...

But we digress. Because the skyfall/crumble/awful rhyme got us thinking - and asking our Twitter followers - what is the worst rhyme in pop? The most banal, ridiculous, shoehorned-in rhyme you've ever had the misfortune to hear?

The result was the slideshow (and Spotify playlist) below - lyrics from the likes of Madonna, Chris De Burgh, Shakira and many, many other greats. Such as The Police, who feature more than once. But given that the band themselves once admitted that Every Breath You Take was "just a bunch of words that rhyme with 'cake'", we think they had it coming.

Enjoy! And if we missed out your favourite worst pop lyric rhyme, be sure to tell us in the comments below...

The Worst Rhymes In Pop Lyrics