08/10/2012 08:28 BST

Chelsee Healey Teams Up With Lauren Goodger On Night Out, So Where Are The Drunken Pics?!

Chelsee Healey recently vowed to tone down her partying ways after blaming her love of a tipple or ten on the breakdown of her relationship.

However, the former Waterloo Road star was back out on the town last night along with former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger and some of the cast of Desperate Scousewives.

chelsee healey

But Chelsee seemed a changed woman as she stepped out in Liverpool - for once she wasn't stumbling about in the gutter or falling asleep whilst hanging out a taxi door.

Wonders will never cease.

lauren goodger

Lauren Goodger partied with Chelsee

One thing did remain the same though - Chelsee's tendency to hit a fashion bum note.

She raised a few eyebrows in her bizarre gold flared trousers and see-through top combo, but quickly admitted on Twitter that she "wasn't looking her best".

"On route to liverpool not looking the best. Because had to get redy after the show! Rush Tinggggg," (sic) she tweeted.

chelsee healey

Chelsee split from Bristol Rovers footballer Oliver Norburn earlier this year, after hitting the party scene hard when she finished on Waterloo Road.

She recently spoke of how she regretted her actions, admitting she would love to make another go of the relationship.

"I regret going out and messing things up…. If he asked me to get back with him, I would for sure. And I’d happily stop going out so much," she told Reveal magazine.

"To be honest, I’m going to try and stop it anyway.

"I'm a typical 24-year-old and I enjoy going out. I never let my partying interfere with my work. But as I’d finished Waterloo Road and had a gap, I really went for it."


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