08/10/2012 10:09 BST

Louis Walsh X Factor 'Fix' Claims: Carolynne Poole 'Gutted', Plus Twitter Outrage

The X Factor viewers were outraged on Sunday as Louis Walsh was seen changing his mind over who to send home from the competition.

Walsh was given the deciding vote on who would be the first finalist to leave the show and opted to keep Carolynne Poole, but then later decided on a deadlock - in which the public decided to keep Rylan Clark.

Gary Barlow couldn’t contain his wrath, and exited the stage. He later told Carolynne: "It's a joke. Two years running you have lost out to joke acts, Carolynne. It's ridiculous."

Carolynne previously missed out on a place in the live shows in 2011 after Louis rejected her at the judges' houses stage.

On Twitter, conspiracy theorists have claimed a producer told Louis to send the vote to deadlock in a bid to keep Rylan - who has plenty of entertainment value - on the show.

Speaking on Daybreak on Monday morning, Carolynne said: "I'm still gutted - I haven't had a chance to have a proper cry yet to be honest. I am cross, but I guess it's just the nature of the beast."

She also revealed that she could see a producer chatting to Louis during her sing-off, adding: "I could see that - it was quite offputting, to be honest."

And she announced she won't be auditioning for the show a third time: "I just couldn't put myself through that again."

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