08/10/2012 14:55 BST

Ultimate Dog-Shaming (VIDEO)

You may, or may not, be familiar with the new trend of dog-shaming.

It basically involves photographing your pooch alongside a hand-written sign, which proclaims what he/she is guilty of. (Check out this tumblr for hundreds of examples.)

But now, one of the internet's best-loved dogs has taken it one stage further.

Yes, step forward Maymo - the beagle already famous for such antics as this lemon one and this cabbage one. Now, Maymo is being named and shamed for other things he's got up to - such as hoarding spring water, breaking a slinky and stealing a pretzel from a goat. No, really.

Click play above to watch the funny-slash-adorable video - and when you're done, check out some of the dogs that have already be shamed in our picture gallery below: