08/10/2012 11:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teenager Has Stomach Removed After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

A girl of 18 had to have life-saving surgery to remove her stomach after she consumed drinks containing liquid nitrogen.

Gaby Scanlon had been on a night out with pals when she drank two 'nitro Jagermeister' cocktails at a bar in Lancaster.

Her friends suffered no ill effects from the drinks they bought at Oscar's Wine Bar and Bistro, but sixth-former Gaby started to feel breathless and was rushed to hospital where medics found she had a perforated stomach.

Doctors at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary made the decision to remove her stomach amid fears she would otherwise die.

The Sun reports that her parents were at her bedside where she is said to be in a 'serious but stable' condition after her surgery.

Lancashire police said they were now investigating the circumstances of Gaby's condition and said that 'medical opinion is that this would have proved fatal had the operation not been carried out urgently.'

They also confirmed that the bar has 'suspended drinks involving liquid nitrogen'.

This is such an alarming story – had you even HEARD of these drinks containing liquid nitrogen?

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