09/10/2012 10:25 BST | Updated 09/10/2012 12:50 BST

Obama And Romney Bond Over Adele's 'Skyfall' Theme (VIDEO)

They may occupy opposite ends of the US political spectrum, but Barack Obama and Mitt Romney certainly agree on one thing: Adele's new Bond theme, Skyfall, is a "marvellous thing for young people". However, Obama can't talk about it too much without "starting to choke up".

Don't believe us? Just watch the video - courtesy of our US cousins at The Huffington Post - which shows the presidential election rivals in a rare, and rather emotional, moment of agreement.

And now we'd like to continue to pay homage to Adele's Skyfall - and in particular its ill-advised attempt to rhyme "skyfall" with "crumbles" - by taking another look at our slideshow of some of the worst rhymes in pop...