09/10/2012 14:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Original Supernanny: 92-Year-Old Brenda Ashford

The original supernanny: Brenda Ashford is 92, has never had a child of her own but has cared for over 100 children YouTube

As the expectant and new parents first gathered for a parenting course at their local church to discuss labour, colic, routines, weaning and such like, they may well have been rather surprised to see Brenda Ashford there.

Brenda is almost 92 and has never had a baby of her own. She certainly has experience and interest in children though. In over 60 years as a nanny she has cared for around 100 children. At the age of 80 she finally decided the time had come to retire, but she clearly struggles to keep away.

"I love children and babies and I am always very interested to see how things change for parents and children. For me being a nanny was a calling not a career, so of course, I miss it still," she says.

Luckily Brenda has had chance to relive many of her happy memories by writing a book about her experiences, A Spoonful of Sugar by Brenda Ashford is published by Hodder, £6.99

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