10/10/2012 12:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Schoolgirl, 14, Saved Best Friend From Choking To Death On A Strawberry

Schoolgirl, 14, stopped best friend choking to death on a strawberry Birmingham Evening Mail Robyn (left) and Megan

A quick-thinking schoolgirl saved her best friend from choking to death on a strawberry during a lesson.

Robyn Cook, 14, leapt into action when Megan Smith got the piece of fruit stuck in her throat.

Remembering a technique she'd learned as an 11-year-old, Robyn performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on Megan, forcing her to cough up the obstruction.

Now Robyn has been nominated for a top award for the actions which saved her friend's life.

At the time, Megan, of Northfield, Birmingham, told her local paper: "Robyn is amazing. I wouldn't be here without her."

Megan suffers from a condition that sparks seizures and during the incident her teacher thought she was suffering an attack.

Megan described the terrifying moment during a French class at Bournville School, Birmingham: "I had popped the strawberry in my mouth whilst the teacher turned the other way because I was hungry.

"But she turned around and it startled me, making me swallow it whole.

"I started choking on it and was panicking, running around the whole classroom trying to tell people it was stuck. But no one knew I had put it in my mouth so they thought I was going to be sick.

"Others thought I was having a seizure. But Robyn quickly worked out what was going on and started hitting me on the back.

"She took me outside and one of the teachers went to get help, but in that time she performed the manoeuvre and got the strawberry out.


It was all so terrifying. I thought I was going to die and I didn't know what to do. I'm so glad to have Robyn by my side.


Robyn, who was taught first aid by St John Ambulance at Woodthorpe Primary School, explained: "I knew she was choking on something because of the way she couldn't speak.

"I remembered exactly what to do after receiving first aid training when I was at primary school.

"They showed us how to help someone, so I just did that. I have also helped to put her in the recovery position when she's suffered a seizure. The first time I had to do it, it went on for 22 minutes."

Robyn has been nominated for the Guy Evans Award, which recognises an inspirational first aid achievement. It is presented in memory of 17-year-old Guy, whose heart failed when he was out motorcycling with friends when basic first aid might have given him a chance of survival.

Robyn said: "I'm proud of what I have achieved. I am shocked but pleased that I have been put forward for this award.

"I am just happy that I was able to help Megan; I would do it for anyone but Megan is my best friend and it is great that I can help her."

The winner will be announced at an event in London on November 19, hosted by survival expert Ray Mears.

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