11/10/2012 13:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is Victoria Beckham Expecting Baby Number Five? (And Do We Care?)

Is Victoria Beckham expecting baby number five? (And do we care?) PA

Rumours are circulating that Victoria Beckham is about to welcome baby number FIVE to their brood.

According to Heatworld, Victoria has eased up on her exercise regime and has cut out alcohol.

"When she was last in London, Victoria was dropping hints that her current unruly brood might become even more unruly next year," one of those famously anonymous 'insiders' who are alleged to be 'close' to the family told the website.

"She was also talking about having some strange food fads and she didn't drink at all, not even to celebrate after performing at the Olympics.

"Her behaviour led to some of her friends asking outright if she was pregnant and she just smiled in response."

Is Victoria Beckham expecting baby number five? (And do we care?) PA

When asked about pregnancy rumours, a spokeswoman for Mrs Beckham said: "She's not pregnant as far as I know."

Perhaps it's time for the spokeswoman and the insider to have a chat with each other.

In further gripping news, the Daily Mail reports that David and Victoria Beckham are set to move back to the UK by the end of the year because they have been looking at multi-million pound houses in West London and discussing a possible departure from Los Angeles when the footballer's deal with LA Galaxy finishes later this year.

The tension's unbearable, eh?