'Men Behaving Badly' Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With DVD Collection - Is This 'The Funniest Sitcom In BBC History'?

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: 20 Years Later, Is 'Men Behaving Badly' Still So True It's Funny?

'Men Behaving Badly' provided the prototype for a generation.

It may have been observing real-life with its depiction of how two men - Gary and Tony - spent their time but, back in its heyday, it also provided an operational manual for all men on how to get in the pizza and beer, sit in front of the TV and talk to their hearts' content about football and women. Their dreams may even come true, like they did for Tony, who got to meet the woman of his dreams. Yes, Ms Minogue makes a guest appearance in the series.

Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey inhabited their roles disturbingly well

And while Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey conducted belching contests and simultaneously chased ladies while running in the opposite direction from anything that involved commitment or responsibility, their neighbours Dorothy and Deborah (Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash) despaired, but remained enduringly fond.

This week, it celebrates its 20th anniversary - yes, we are that old - with a special DVD collection bringing together every episode of the six series made, along with four specials and bonus Comic Relief sketches.

Men Behaving Badly was voted the best sitcom in BBC history when the Corporation celebrated its 60th birthday, but does it still strike a chord? WATCH OUR EXCLUSIVE CLIP ABOVE and see what you think.


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