12/10/2012 11:02 BST | Updated 16/10/2012 12:38 BST

Liverpool PR Man Jen Chang Accused Of Threatening User Behind Parody Twitter Account Duncan Jenkins

Liverpool's communications director Jen Chang has been accused by the user behind the Twitter account Duncan Jenkins of threatening him and his family.

The blogger, known only as Sean, behind the account has accused Chang and Liverpool of having knowledge about his family and his father's business - which was named during a rendezvous.

He claims he was also told he would have "dog s**t coming through your letterbox", would have to take his Facebook page down and "might even have to move house" because "football fans are crazy".

Chang refuted the allegations and said he "will not be responding to total nonsense" but admitted he did meet the Twitter user.

"The contents of my tweets that are included in the blog bear no relation whatsoever to the false accusations made by a fictional character," the Daily Mail report him as saying.

"There was never any investigation by Liverpool over the tweets."

Chang, who only joined the club this summer, contacted the anonymous writer on 19 August after @duncanjenkinsfc said Nuri Sahin was certain to sign for Liverpool.


Chang used to work for Sports Illustrated

'Jenkins' posted a direct message he received from Chang, who was supposedly perturbed the 'scoop' had cost Liverpool more money in their transfer negotiations.

Posted on the blog post are a number of email exchanges which lead to a meeting in the chic Manchester area of Deansgate when Chang candidly informed the Duncan Jenkins innovator why he was so distressed.

The writer alleges: "He [Chang] told me LFC had been involved with difficult negotiations with Roma over the transfer of [Fabio] Borini. He claims Roma asked for absolute discretion from LFC, that if news of the proposed deal got out Roma's fans would be unhappy about the sale of a young Italian international. Talks were then concluded for the day, he said."

Borini eventually cost Liverpool in the region of £11m, a fee which surprised many.

The blog post details how Chang stressed the money wasted could be spent on projects aiding disabled children in Toxteth, an inner city area in Liverpool but states Chang used the word "handicapped".

Chang's apparent paranoia led him to believe the user behind the Duncan Jenkins account had a mole at Liverpool but was told "there was no mole", yet the former Sports Illustrated employee "found it difficult to believe".

"This went on for a while and I explained how Duncan worked, that it was all a big ruse," 'Jenkins said. "I asked him why on earth were the club so upset/obsessed with me about Duncan, why all this nonsense."

Chang has also been accused of harassing 'Jenkins' by ringing him incessantly until midnight, totting up at least 20 unanswered calls, and also promising a lifetime ban from Anfield.

The matter may be of extreme embarrassment to the Reds after the PR disaster they suffered under Kenny Dalglish's management during the Luis Suárez race row.

After Suárez was found guilty by the Football Association, Liverpool players and staff wore T-shirts in support of the Uruguayan at their Premier League fixture away to Wigan in December.


Chang joined the Anfield Club from Sports Illustrated where he was the senior editor for football-related content in New York and also worked for ESPN.

He grew up in England and says he is a supporter of the club since 1981.